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Old April 12th, 2012, 02:05 PM
Midnight Marauder
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Default The three nuns

Three nuns die in a horrible car crash. They immediately find themselves at the Pearly Gates, but at the end of a LONG line. Feeling entitled, they cut to the front, where St. Peter confronts them.

"Sisters, I'll overlook your breach in protocol because you are nuns, but one rule we do not break here is, everyone has to answer a difficult question for permitted entry. Are you ready to proceed?"

The nuns flooped agreement.

St Peter continues. "Nun number one - what was the name of the first man on earth."

Nun #1: heh, that's easy. Adam.

Trumpets blare, and the gates swing open. Nun #1 proceeds through.

St. Peter: Nun #2 - what was the name of the first woman, on earth.

Nun #2: (giggles) I'm gonna say, Eve?

Trumpets blare, and the gates swing open. Nun #2 proceeds through.

St. Peter: Okay, Nun #3 - what was the first thing Eve ever said to Adam, in the garden of Eden?

The nun appears confused, puts her finger to her lips, then scratches her head. Then says...

Nun #3: Umm..... Adam? That's HARD!

Trumpets blare, and the gates swing open. Nun #3 proceeds through!
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Interesting story bat man
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