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Old February 27th, 2012, 01:24 AM
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Given the ownership of the American news media,
its control of American public affairs,
the ignorance of the public of its own condition,
and its near total ignorance of means and methods
that might be employed for the peaceful and needful re-structuring of our government,

iff we suffer no major catastrophe or upheaval.
and, if we continue our slow decline,
no new political party will form or be formed,
and if such a party were to come into being, it would not last long.
or be able to accomplish anything of value before being denigrated and destroyed by the establishment's news media.

Given time, and the continuation of our present slow decline,
what may happen is that a group of western states,
led by California and leaders, or successors of leaders, of the present establishment,
may seek to break away from the Union, and, should that succeed, as it probably would,
that other states also might join together
and break away, thereby balkanizing us
but enabling those who control the present ruling establishment
to hack our flesh in addition to milking us.

In such a case the best we might hope for would be a loose federation of states,
something at its best no better than the Continental Congress.

If, on the other hand,
we move rapidly into a deep depression
we will see violence and chaos take place
such as we have never seen before
for no one has a plan to replace
our present system of greed enabled by propaganda.


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