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Default Pakistan Textbooks Teach Muslim Boys Killing Christians Is Way To Martyrdom

How many times have you heard Muslims say that Islam is the religion of peace?

Over thirty years ago, I was a remodeling supervisor for a chain of hardware/lumber stores.* At each store I remodeled, I would hire a crew of temporary workers.* At one store, one of the workers was man from Iran.* His name was Samir, but we all called him Sam.* In his country, Sam was a respected doctor with a very successful medical practice.* At the time, the infamous Ayatollah Khomeini was ruling the country with an iron fist and Sam feared for the future of his country and safety of his family.

Sam paid $100,000 US to have his family smuggled out of Iran and seek political asylum in the US.* Unfortunately, the US did not recognize his medical degree and would not grant him a license to practice here in the States.* He was working for me for minimum wage.* Sam was one of the best and hardest working employees I’ve ever had work for me.

During many a lunch hour, I would talk with Sam about what life was like in Iran.* On one occasion, he told me that some of the schools in his country taught boys that America and Israel were their enemies and that their goal in life should be to kill Americans and Jews.* They were also taught that Christians were just as bad as Jews and that American Christians were the worst and it was their duty to destroy them.* I remember him telling me that Islam claimed to be the religion of peace, but that it was a violent religion and he wanted to get his family away from it.

Over the years, I‘ve read other accounts of Muslim schools in other countries teaching the same thing – hate America and Israel and grow up to kill Israelis, Americans, Jews and Christians.* Most of the reports I’ve seen have come out of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Now I see another report originating in Pakistan claiming that students are being taught that killing Christians is a goal to be sought after and achieved in order for them to obtain martyrdom.* The report was made by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

MEMRI says that some textbooks being used in Pakistani schools teach the road to martyrdom involves killing Christians along with other non-Muslim people.* Their report stated:
"As a result of such legitimization of hate through school textbooks, government policies, sermons in mosques and religious congregations, there is growing persecution of Pakistani Christians, Hindus, Shias and Ahmadi Muslims."

"Throughout Pakistan's history, since its creation in 1947, hate speech against non-Muslims has been a normal phenomenon in Pakistani society."

Additional claims are being made that non-Muslim students are being forced to convert to Islam while attending Pakistani schools.* Archbishop Joseph Coutts of the Karachi says that the schools start pressuring non-Muslims to convert in their early years at school.* Speaking to an Italian news agency, he said:
"The daily lives of religious minorities in Pakistan are characterized by poverty, injustice and discrimination. Non-Muslims are identified as second-class citizens in school textbooks. Teachers repeatedly ask students to write essays titled: write a letter to your friend encouraging him to convert to Islam."

I have a real hard time believing that Islam is the religion of peace.* It seems the only peace that they believe in is having everyone convert to Islam or be killed.* But that’s not necessarily the case either since different factions of Islam have been warring amongst themselves for centuries.* To be honest, I don’t believe that Islam will ever be a religion of peace. Not with each other and not amongst themselves.* From the beginning, Islam has been a religion of violence and strife and will continue to be so until this world fades away.

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