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Old August 9th, 2013, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by trlrtrash13 View Post
The 40% number was thrown out there by someone else in an attempt to lend credence to a ridiculous point. We're talking about 2 guys who had a 100% record in 2012.
The rate difference really doesn't matter here - except to the rate, of course. Even if every single elected repug had a 99% conservative voting record, without resets you still end up with state socialism. It does, admittedly, take more time. For this to not be true, socialist programs need to be not only trimmed, but entirely undone, and conservative programs put in place at at least the same rate as socialist ones. That has not happened in the US at all since WWII.
If bothe of these guys finished the year with a 50% rating that would still have them at 75% for the last two years.
In marketing theory, they speak of "hygiene factors". These are absolute requirements when comparing products - that is to say, requirements that will immediately cause a rejection of a product by the consumer, no matter other considerations. Most of the time, these are actually not stated anywhere, but just silently assumed. For instance, as a car purchaser, you normally don't list "it has to actually have an engine and be able to go places" when comparing cars for purchase, but a car that fails in that respect will not be bought even if it crosses every other check box you have for your car purchase.

I suggest that immigration "reform" in this shape is a hygiene factor for many people and thus that pointing to an otherwise perfect list of check boxes for a candidate who supports it is therefore immaterial.
Furthermore, your point leaves two options, and it concedes that mine delays the demise. How is that worse than the express lane?
That rather depends on the circumstances. If you are going to crash hard, anyway, it might be better to do so while the US still has a workable demography and an existing infrastructure, rather than to wait until everything is depleted and ruined before taking the big plunge. Rather like a company that comes to the conclusion that it's business model has inevitably expired and it doesn't have the competitive advantages needed to do well elsewhere serves its shareholders far better by liquidating in time than fritter away all assets before declaring bankruptcy.


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