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Default Muslim Terrorists Using Mexico as Staging Area

Feeling safe here in good ole U.S. of A.? Sure… why not?

Yes, there have been incidences of school and other shootings but they appear in no way connected.

On the whole, Homeland Security appears to be effective, as we’ve had no successful terror attacks on American soil for more than a decade.

So why haven’t we been attacked again? Have the terrorists just given up? Have the Bush and Obama administrations successfully decimated the terrorist ranks to make it impossible for an attack? Is Homeland Security just that good, that they are able to thwart any and every attempt?

Well, yes and no. Our intelligence services have stopped potential attacks, some we’ve heard about, others we haven’t, for strategic reasons. We have had some success taking out terrorist leaders and negatively affecting their infrastructure, but don’t count on the terrorists ever giving up.

For years we’ve known of Muslim terrorists, particularly the Shiite group Hezbollah, working with Mexican drug cartels. They have been working with the infamous cartel Los Zetas, smuggling drugs into the United States by lending their tunnel digging expertise they perfected constructing a tunnel network along the Lebanese – Israeli border. These tunnels are quite sophisticated, some with ventilation and electricity.

And there is growing evidence of terrorist infiltration in the United States. An increasing number of American prison inmates have been seen with tattoos that are pro Hezbollah or written in Farsi.

Border officials are finding Korans and prayer rugs left behind on the American side of the border. Also found are copies of the Iranian book about suicide bombers, Memory of Our Martyrs.”

Both Al Qaeda and Hezbollah have been able to transform their identities once in America. In Texas, the Travis County court has approximately 20 Arabs a week change their names from Arabic to Hispanic to better blend in.

Meanwhile, on the Mexican side, Hezbollah has been training the cartel in the use of explosives. The Clarion Project reported that in 2010 a suspected terrorist was captured in New York City. During the interrogation he admitted knowledge of a Hezbollah stockpile of weapons in Mexico with some 100 M-16s, 100 AR-15s, 2500 hand grenades, C-4 and antitank weapons.

The Tucson Police Department suspects that Hezbollah is trading its terrorist expertise to the Zetas for funding of its terror network and the Zetas are assisting Hezbollah members with infiltration into the United States.

Each year that goes by, the terrorist network extends its reach, developing networks in Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

It’s been claimed that Hezbollah will strike when they are capable of doing so independently, without implicating their Iranian sponsors. In other words, it’s just a matter of time.

Still feel safe?

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